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Order Desk: 1-705-897-4955

Parts Search

Order Desk: 1-705-897-4955

Frequently Asked Questions

You claim your OECM parts are the same as OEM parts. How can you sell them for less than my supplier?

Our OECM parts are the same as your OEM parts. We get them directly from the original part manufacturer, and not from a reseller who gets a cut of the price. In fact, some of the OEM parts your equipment supplier uses may have gone through as many as five resellers before they even get installed on your machine.

If I buy your OECM parts, such as filters and other disposables, will that void my equipment drivetrain warranty?

Possibly. Some OEM manufacturers insist that all parts be bought through them for the first year or the warranty is void. Best to make sure and check with them first.

Is your OECM parts warranty as good as my equipment supplier’s parts warranty?

Yes. They carry the same manufacturer’s warranty.

The packaging and part numbers on the items you sent are different from what I get from my supplier. How can I be sure these are the same parts?

We guarantee that the OECM parts we sell will be the exact same part right from the component manufacturer. We’ve been getting it right for more than 35 years.

Delivery lead-times and acquisition costs are important factors. Will you have my parts in stock and how can you help me keep freight costs down?

We understand our customer’s needs and have the same concerns about logistics. We will work closely with you, get to know your consumption rates, and keep stock on hand for your requirements. Special consideration is given to critical spares to help avoid ‘unit-down’ situations. We can also stage your orders and consolidate them for shipment to help reduce freight costs.

What is your current inventory status? What items do you carry on hand or have access to?

We are currently stocking over 18,000 different SKU’s, and have more than 75,000 unique items loaded in our database. Our extensive cross-reference list contains over a million part numbers used by various equipment suppliers. Different OEM’s often use the same parts from the component manufacturers but assign their own exclusive part numbers. Mobile Parts can help you increase your cash flow by eliminating double stocking and thereby reducing your inventory.

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